Lowkey Flexin'. High-key Feelin' myself.

What are you most proud of today?

Healed Queisha moves toward purpose led by her intuition. An intuition fueled by an entire team of divine intervention of spirit and ancestors who use me as a vessel while I interact and show up in my truth every day!

I am proud that I am forgiving and offer love without conditions. That my genuine nature calls to be a friend, but my consciousness has expanded beyond even that. We’re connected, chile. We’re cousins! I am proud that I have learned to honor my feelings by allowing myself the simple art of fucking FEELING them. I am proud that I have released the concept that a mother of three sons cannot RELAX. I am proud of how my body stretches and poses during yoga. I am proud that I’ve honored myself in a whole new way with this SOULcare routine that empowers me to show up! I am proud that I’ve gained the courage to leave the constraints of religion that was provided to me through someone else. I am proud that I am seeking the kingdom of God in this kingdom that I am provided with right here. Mother Earth.

For the same reasons that I am proud, I am a thousand times grateful.

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