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Meet Queisha

The Soulfulunicorn

2016 is when I started feeling exhausted and suicidal about life. I detected this sense of knowing that I was NOT doing life according to life's design. I became a mom at the ripe age of 17 and a wife at 19. I carried those titles as if it was my only duty in this world and I became entangled in several routines that revolved around those around me, but never ME. So from that point I turned on my "flight mode", 2017 divorced with three young boys, I started navigating through my mistakes MAKING MORE MISTAKES! It was like mistake making had this hold on me so I began trying to pin-point where I had myself fucked up so often. 2019 I turned to gurus, motivational speakers, self-help books, and corporate America. Applying new tricks to life that did create a beautiful shift, but I still had a little bit of fuckery within me. Depression and anxiety. At this point my anxiety started bringing on bigger panic attacks, and depression that made this social butterfly not so social. I had no control over my emotions, which synonymously felt like no control over my life. 

2020 was the year of spiritual awakening that I never knew I needed in this form. I began this Spiritual self-healing journey with this amazing soul, Ms. Deneen Joyner, which taught me about different tools to navigate healing the soul and heightening awareness so that I would be able to break the cycles of my poor decision making. She helped me truly understand how my childhood trauma showed up for me in present time and then guided me through this process of release!

So lately, I've just been navigating this life through a different lens. Manifested businesses, a loving and supportive fine ass husband that I enjoy this life with, a new home in Georgia, and I look forward to what else. I am showing up for myself and family in a new way! Using tools to maintain healthy chakras, daily prayer and meditation, yoga practice, tarot reading, crystals, moon cycle planning, etc.  Manifesting life in the design that I was purposed to and I just hope to bring the same joy to you!

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